Finance, banking & capital union

Both the financial crisis of 2008-10 and the subsequent initiatives at the EU level have driven home the importance of understanding the interaction between the financial sector and policy initiatives. Understanding the needs and potential of a modern financial system will be key to enable European economies to thrive, while preventing a repeat of the chaotic responses to market pressures.

Making sense of negotiations between EU members, likely outcomes and their effects on private and institutional actors in those countries requires a precise understanding of the mechanisms and proposed regulations. But banking, finance and capital movements are often as emotional as they are technical. Preferences and decisions in EU member states depend on various historical path dependencies of their distinct political economic background.

Members of PEACS have long followed the developments in this chapter of EU integration, in particular with respect to the cultural differences in European financial systems. Combined with the technical expertise from our vast network, our analysis affords our clients a holistic understanding of this multidimensional area.

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