Trade & the EU

An important lesson that CETA, or more recently, Brexit have taught us is that once glorious trade negotiations are becoming trickier. Especially in the EU, where, additional to cross-governmental agreement, national and sub-national support is required, negotiators face many challenges. A general scepticism towards globalisation is now pushed even further with the latest Covid-19 pandemic. Popular policy responses demand, among other things, a repatriation of the production of critical products, such as medicine or protective medical gear.


Over recent years, experts at PEACS have contributed to trade negotiations and analysed the dynamics of these processes. Understanding the role of old and new third-country partners, such as the UK, in the EU’s approach to a more regionalised production will be crucial for anyone interested in international trade.


Equally, we aim to present clients with insightful scenarios of the evolution of European supply chains, intra-EU trade and the best industrial location for varying industries and products.

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