Training seminars

Investing in your organisation's skills is crucial to master future challenges and opportunities. Being able to evaluate tasks in a broader picture, identify trade-offs and identifying relevant actors' strategic choices leads to better decision on all levels.


In our bespoke training seminars, we cover a broad range of political economic topic that will increase your in-house capacity for strategic assessments significantly. We always introduce established theories together with the latest academic findings and demonstrate how you can utilise these insights in your industry.

Training seminars - online or in your office facilities - are available from half day to week-long. Seminars build on our own expertise and that of our expert network, and are available in multiple languages. 

Each half-day training package includes: 

  • The (virtual or in-person) seminar

  • Pre-reading of up to five pages, digested from other sources

  • Access to the original sources

  • Powerpoint deck or similar, as well as a handout with key points and data

Example selection of training modules (each half day à 3.5 hours; can be combined):

  • EMU: The Economics of Monetary Union

  • The politics, governance and policies of EMU

  • European capitalism(s) in the global economy

  • Welfare state reforms

  • Labour markets 

  • Finance, banking and capital market union

  • Interest groups and EU policy

  • Capitalism and democracy in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)

Example selection of topical training seminars (min. 2 half days à 3.5 hours)

  • The political economy of COVID-19: costs, exit and policy making 

  • The political economy of Brexit: The UK, the EU and trade agreements 

  • Banking and capital union 

  • Green deal? The political economy of climate change: cost, decision-making

  • Industry 4.0: The future of industry and work

  • Method in analysis and strategy: how to do more with few data

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