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Understanding Covid-19


Our latest dossier takes stock of what we've learnt about life under Covid so far.


Assessing the role of science in policy-making, the often-competing nature of health and economic objectives, as well as the long-term effects on the political economy, we indicate how governments can improve their future performance.

Mountains in Fog
Mountains in Fog

What is political economy?

Political economy is a social science examining the reciprocal relationships between politics and markets, both within and among countries, using a variety of analytical tools.

Topics in political economy include:

▷ Inequality & redistribution
▷ Economic development
▷ Globalisation & populism

▷ Macroeconomic policy & economic crises

▷ Environmental policy

Mountains in Fog

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EPIC - the European Policy Information Centre is an independent consultancy and training agency that which specialises in issues related to European integration. Founded in 1999, EPIC does not act on behalf of any governmental office or European institution, and aims to provide factual evidence, when highlighting the strengths, but also the shortcomings of the European project. EPIC draws on the insider knowledge of practitioners and scholars from across Europe, east and west, north and south. Our mission is to bring together experts with those keen on furthering their understanding of the EU.

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