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We provide Political Economic Analysis & Consulting Strategies to link current scientific debates with policy and business challenges.

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Macro-politics & economics

Systems, crises, key actors and their strategies in the OECD, the EU, the Eurozone and member states.

Industrial organisation & varieties of capitalism

Variance in domestic arrangements and its impacts on policy responses and EU trajectories.

Trade & the EU

Trends in global supply chains, Brexit, and other future free trade agreements.

Finance, banking & capital union

Future regulations, critical elements, national path dependencies and market reactions.

Social & environmental sustainability

Climate-protective policies, social implications and political economic adjustments.




Gap analysis

The starting point for all our corporate services. This first contact allows us to unpack your questions in detail and affords you an overview of the deciding factors of the challenge at hand.

Strategic consulting

Strategic consulting sessions are for a smaller audience and specifically tailored to inform critical steps of your decision-making process.

Training seminars

Seminars cover a broad range of political economic topics and apply them to practical scenarios from your industry. Seminars are available from half day to week-long for up to 15 people.

Spring & autumn academies

In a 11-week long online event (spring academy) and a week-long in situ seminar (autumn academy), we present to you the newest insights from the world of Applied Political Economy


Products include short reports, topical dossiers or longer research projects. They conform to the highest academic standards, packaged in an approachable format.

Expert network, languages & pricing

All our products and services are available in multiple languages and offer optional interdisciplinary expertise from the vast PEACS expert network of leading social scientists.


News &


PEACS blog posts

Read our analysis of the latest developments in the world of business, politics and economics. From Covid-19 over EU-related topics to climate change - our facts, figures and opinions deliver.




Our story

In our time as academics and policy makers, we experienced a disconnect between theory and practice. To change this, we decided to start a company that provides Political Economic Analysis and Consulting Strategies - in short, PEACS.

PEACS aims to connect scientific debates with current policy and business challenges. We want to be the gateway between our vast network of top researchers in the social sciences and the world of practical application.

Together with the PEACS expert network, our core group of highly-trained knowledge partners distil and convert academic findings into bespoke gap analyses, research, training and strategic consulting for your organisation.

Our mission

PEACS is founded on principles of equality, non-discrimination and social and environmental sustainability. We aspire to build a community of policy makers, academics, businesses, and think tanks that informs, debates and evaluates questions and proposals from society.


With our PEACS products, including immediate dossiers, short-term studies, longer-term research projects, one-on-one interviews and training seminars, we aim to lead the way to this communal knowledge creation. In our work with clients, we adopt standard confidentiality and intellectual property clauses.


We also believe in the value of communication and open exchange and take seriously our pro bono work in the shape of blogs, op-ed contributions and tweets.




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