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Upskilling your workforce is crucial to master future challenges and opportunities, especially under conditions of extreme uncertainty.


PEACS offers several different types of seminars, organised in stand-alone modules or combined into larger event series.

Professional learning & development

We help our clients to establish a culture of knowledge openness. Our training courses and modules offer your institution a unique opportunity to explore new topics or broaden your horizon in your core areas and can be combined with pre-existing company-internal training programmes.

New starters training: Many of your new employees have a strong background in your organisation's core areas. However, from our experience, a strong thematic specialisation often comes at the expense of losing sight of the big picture, which can result in biased decision-making and sub-optimal performance of your organisation. PEACS training seminars, enabling your team to evaluate tasks in a broader picture and identify trade-offs and relevant actors' strategic choices, lead to better decision on all levels.

Expert training: Particularly your senior executives and specialists can benefit from in-depth expert training in new areas or refresher courses to update their skills in core knowledge domains. Our exclusive access to a large network of academics from leading universities enables us to offer you the detailed expertise that your leaders require.

▷ All sessions are available on-site and online and come with handouts, slides, background readings, and optional on-demand lectures.

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Implementation & evaluation training

The PEACS implementation and evaluation training can boost the external impact of our analytical products and kick-start your internal change phase.

Dissemination & training: Our exclusive training modules and materials ensure high acceptance rates of change projects and prepare your main stakeholders for adjustments during and after the transition period.

▷ Specification & testing of envisioned outcomes: We show you how to measure your own success and learn from past mistakes: numerically, qualitatively, externally and internally, including the process of defining and organising pathways to attain your goals.

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We believe in lifelong learning. Our Academy will enable you to mobilise your own toolkit and experience new dimensions of your (professional) environment.

▷ Spread over several weeks (online) or blocked in a week-long event (in situ), we present to you the newest insights from the world of applied political economy.

▷ Join us and your fellow participants in discussing some of the most important future European challenges. For the Academic Year 2021-22, we will concentrate on political-economic aspects of trade in the 21st century and the future world of work – themes that dominate the headlines but often remain difficult to grasp in their entirety for many decision-makers in government, industry, NGOs and interest groups.​

▷ All modules come with handouts, slides, background readings, and on-demand lectures.

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