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Analytical products

Our exclusive methodological approaches, substantive background knowledge, and access to a large network of leading scientists distinguishes our modern analysis and will substantially benefit your strategic decisions.

Gap analysis

The PEACS gap analysis is the starting point for all our analysis and consulting services. This first contact allows us to unpack your questions in detail and affords you an overview of the deciding factors of the challenge at hand. The gap analysis usually includes four steps:

▷ Preliminary approach and exploratory conversation, leading to pre-agreement for gap analysis

▷ Structured conversation with person in charge of the project plus SWOT analysis with executive management and others

▷ Briefing note on how to proceed including process, timelines, and deliverables

▷ Clients' comments on that note are the basis for follow-up contracts​

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Research reports

You often have the resources in house to address your problems but are unaware of the many aspects of the challenge, the context, trade-offs, and broader trends. Our PEACS research products unpack your questions from a new perspective and lead to better-informed decisions.

▷ Our short-term research dossiers can be delivered within weeks. Based on structured elite interviews and desk research of secondary sources, they uncover new dimensions of smaller problem sets and serve as in-depth summaries of your areas of interest.

▷ Medium- or longer-term applied research projects usually run over several months. Utilising fundamental social-science research methods and approaches, our longer reports deliver depth for narrowly-defined and breadth for relatively wide research questions.

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Update tracker

In today's fast-paced world, following the latest news is crucial to stay on top of relevant developments. Our tracker connects the various dots from a political-economic perspective, affording your organisation the topical insights you need.

▷ The PEACS update tracker provides regular newsletters or “breaking news” updates from our core areas of expertise. The products can be accessed with a monthly or annual subscription.

▷ Trackers are tailored to your organisation and critically assess the newest academic findings as well as newspaper reports against the background of political-economic structures in your relevant geographical location.

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