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Expertise & themes

As specialists in applied political economy, we bring our background knowledge to bear on your questions.

Industrial transformation management

▷ Transformation analysis, including the distribution of gains and losses across stakeholders & potential veto players

▷ Institutional constraints and opportunities for change

Disruption and technology transformation
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Industrial organisation & frameworks

▷ Institutional set-up and effects on economic cooperation and coordination

▷ Variance in domestic arrangements and its impacts on policy responses and EU trajectories

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Politics & macroeconomics

▷ Macroeconomic policymaking – fiscal & monetary policy, exchange rates, and wages

▷ Tensions between European institutions,  national governments and relevant interest groups

Regional development strategies

▷ Existing and potential future regional comparative advantages and related challenges

▷ Industrial strategy and transformation management

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Trade, value & supply chains

▷ Trends and disruptions in global value and supply chain management

▷ Covid-19, Brexit and impacts on trade relations within the EU and with its non-EU commercial partners

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