PEACS always strives to deliver high-quality results, helping our clients to create a lasting positive impact on their operations. While traditional economic analysis is based on textbook model assumptions of a first-best world – excluding decision-making institutions, interest groups, and political equilibria – PEACS utilises its extensive experience in Applied Political Economy to enable your organisation to make informed decisions in uncertain times.


Our exclusive methodological approaches, substantive background knowledge, and access to a large network of leading scientists distinguishes our modern analysis and produces results that will substantially benefit your strategic short- and long-term decisions.

All our services and products adhere to the highest scientific standards, packaged in an approachable format, and are available in English, German, and French. PEACS observes all standard copyright and confidentiality agreements.

Analysis & Consulting

Our toolkit consists of analytical methods that combine scientific rigour and practical applicability, and which are therefore transparent enough to be transferable to allow our clients to examine future parallel problems. We customise every analysis and consulting session to address the exact questions and needs of our customers.

Gap analysis

Our clients often have the resources in house to address their problems but are unaware of the many aspects of the problem, the context, trade-offs, and broader trends. Hence, the PEACS gap analysis is the starting point for all our analysis and consulting services.


This first contact allows us to unpack your questions in detail and affords you an overview of the deciding factors of the challenge at hand. The gap analysis usually includes four steps:

  1. Preliminary approach and exploratory conversation, leading to pre-agreement for gap analysis

  2. Structured conversation with person in charge of the project plus SWOT analysis with executive management and others

  3. Briefing note on how to proceed including process, timelines, and deliverables

  4. Clients' comments on that note are the basis for follow-up contracts


PEACS offers several different types of seminars, organised in stand-alone, usually half-day, modules or combined into larger, multiple-day training courses. All sessions are available on-site and online and come with handouts, slides, background readings, and optional on-demand lectures.


Our training courses and modules offer your institution a unique opportunity to explore new topics or broaden your horizon in your core areas and can be combined with pre-existing company-internal training programmes.

New starters training

  • Many of your new employees have a strong background in your organisation's core areas. However, from our experience, a strong thematic specialisation often comes at the expense of losing sight of the big picture, which can lead to biased decision-making and sub-optimal performance of your organisation.

  • We help our clients to establish a culture of knowledge openness, by providing tailor-made onboarding training modules that can be easily incorporated in existing company-internal learning and development programmes.

  • If required, we are also happy to provide a complete onboarding framework, including an introduction to methods as well as major themes from the world of Applied Political Economy.

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