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Industrial transformation management


▷ The combination of Industry 4.0, Covid-19 and the Green New Deal will inevitably change our economy.

Political economy uncovers crucial but often hidden dimensions of industrial adjustment, including:

  • The distribution of losses and gains across stakeholders

  • Veto players and the emergence of ‘conservative’ coalitions that can block change

  • The reorganisation of supply and value chains

  • Impacts on regional economies and local, national, and EU mitigation policies

  • Institutional constraints and opportunities for change such as co-determination schemes

Disruption and technology transformation

PEACS expertise

We are proud to champion ‘human-centred’ approaches to industrial transformations, focussing on positive-sum strategic alternatives for firms and workers alike.

Our analytical reports as well as consulting & training solutions enable firms, governments, interest groups and other change actors to deliver successful transitions in their sectors.

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