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Trade, value & supply chains


▷ The trade relations within the EU and with its non-EU commercial partners impact European and global value and supply chains.


▷ Trade agreements and value chain disruptions have been a hot topic especially since the conclusion of the Brexit negotiations and during the first Covid-19 wave.

Without a deep understanding of the Single European Market’s importance, and the role of interest groups in its construction, it is impossible to evaluate the EU’s trade policies. Our unique political-economic approach to EU trade hence encompasses:
▷ the Single European Market,
▷ interest groups and lobbying, and
▷ effects on internal and external EU trade relations.

Close-up Of Metal Chain Linked With Pape

PEACS expertise

PEACS has several decades of combined experience in supporting EU free trade agreement negotiations and researching value chains.

This practical experience makes us valuable knowledge partners for public and private organisations as well as interest groups (e.g. trade federations or trade unions) trying to cope with the impact of Brexit, Covid-19 and other trade disruptions.

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