Case Studies

Each of our exclusive case studies brings you an edited collection of topical PEACS blog posts and novel contributions, as well as opinion pieces from the PEACS Expert Network. Combining theory and practice, the case studies examine current business and public policy challenges through the critical lens of Applied Political Economy. 


This dossier takes stock of what we've learnt about life under Covid so far. Assessing the role of science in policymaking, the often-competing nature of health and economic objectives, as well as the long-term effects on the political economy, we indicate how governments can improve their future performance.

More than 4.5 years after the Brexit referendum, the UK has entered a new era, guided by the Trade and Cooperation Agreement with the EU. This dossier is a collection of evaluations and reflections on the Brexit negotiations and their outcomes.

Electric vehicle Road/selective focus

Introducing a new fleet of electric vehicles requires creating a market. But, crucially, it also means a significant adjustment for car manufacturers, their suppliers, their workforces, and regional economies. The green transition will only be successful if creates  positive-sum social outcomes.

Suffering a severe pandemic, the world is changing. Short-term policies by governments and firms can soften the Covid-19 blow. But are we ready for the medium- and long-term changes already underway? And how does the pandemic change the future of skills, tasks, and jobs?

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