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Case studies

Combining theory and practice, the case studies examine current business and public policy challenges through the critical lens of applied political economy

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The Great Reset

Politicians, policymakers as well as international financial institutions now seem to endorse higher government spending and (corporate) tax rates – in effect endorsing the return of a strong Keynesian state. But are these announcements too early, mere lip services perhaps, or do they herald a shift in our guiding economic orthodoxy?

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After Brexit: Technical Report

In cooperation with Nord France Invest, we analysed how the combination of wider trends is creating the mother of all challenges for all UK-based companies trading with Europe. We found that Brexit, in the guise of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) between the UK and EU, has not created a flat, level playing field for trade among equals but an imbalanced and only narrowly “free” trading relationship.


Understanding Covid-19

This dossier takes stock of what we've learnt about life under Covid so far. Assessing the role of science in policymaking, the often-competing nature of health and economic objectives, as well as the long-term effects on the political economy, we indicate how governments can improve their future performance.

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The UK after Brexit

More than 4.5 years after the Brexit referendum, the UK has entered a new era, guided by the Trade and Cooperation Agreement with the EU. This dossier is a collection of evaluations and reflections on the Brexit negotiations and their outcomes.

Electric vehicle Road/selective focus

The Just Transition in the car industry

Introducing a new fleet of electric vehicles requires creating a market. But, crucially, it also means a significant adjustment for car manufacturers, their suppliers, their workforces, and regional economies. The green transition will only be successful if creates positive-sum social outcomes.

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The labour market after Covid

Suffering a severe pandemic, the world is changing. Short-term policies by governments and firms can soften the Covid-19 blow. But are we ready for the medium- and long-term changes already underway? And how does the pandemic change the future of skills, tasks, and jobs?

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