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Politics & macroeconomics


▷ Is Covid-19 and the sluggish economic recovery the last blow for the European Monetary Union (EMU)?

▷ Or is the common EU Covid-relief fund a first step towards completion of EMU?

Our political-economic approach pays particular attention to institutions, actors and tensions within EMU as well as in other major economies. Themes include:

  • Macroeconomic policymaking – fiscal & monetary policy, exchange rates, and (relative) wage

  • Divergence in macroeconomic policy – EMU as a permanent balance of payment crisis against the background of an incomplete fiscal & financial union

  • Tensions between European institutions, national governments and relevant interest groups

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PEACS expertise

PEACS has been among a handful of commentators leading the debate about the future of EMU for several years.

Our profound understanding of the creation, governance and problems of EMU helps identify future crises and the reactions of actors. Packaged in modular research products, consulting or training sessions, the PEACS expertise is crucial for anyone investing or operating in the Eurozone.

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