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About us

PEACS is a small political economy consultancy, aspiring to increase the knowledge flow between theory and practice.

We want to improve how organisations and policymakers understand and deal with their environment, helping our clients to navigate difficult situations better.

Our focus & offer

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We are a social enterprise, specialised in research, consulting and training in political economy themes and methods

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We provide our clients with analytical tools and substantive insights that support strategic decisions in the ‘real world’ of organisational and policy adjustment

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We focus on institutional background conditions that shape transformation processes and the success or failure of policies and business strategies

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Our experience makes us valuable knowledge partners for public and private organisations, interest groups and NGOs

Our principles & aspirations

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Equality, non-discrimination and social and environmental sustainability are the principles that inspire our work

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We aim to create a community of policy makers, academics, businesses, and interest groups to evaluate questions and proposals from society

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We contribute to open collective knowledge through our work and our pro bono contributions such as blog posts and op-eds

Meet our team


Bob Hancké

In our time as academics and policymakers, we experienced a disconnect between theory and practice. To change this, we decided to start a company that provides Political Economic Analysis and Consulting Strategies - in short, PEACS.

Bob holds a PhD from MIT and is Associate Professor of Political Economy at the London School of Economics.

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Expert Network

Our exclusive access to a large network of academics from leading universities (incl. LSE, Oxford, CEU, MIT, Berkeley, and Harvard) enables us to offer you the additional detailed expertise that your organisation requires.

Course convenors
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