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The future world of work

The political economy of the firm, jobs and innovation


Online Academy

Dates: 15 Nov – 15 Dec 2021

Duration: 4 weeks with weekly half-day seminars

Time commitment: 3-6 hours per week

Location: Online through PEACS platform

On-site Academy

Dates: 11 – 15 April 2022

Duration: 4 working days

Time commitment: 3-6 hours per day

Location: TBD, but located centrally in Europe and easily accessible by train, road and flight.

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Module overview

Since the Great Financial Crisis of 2008-09, the advanced capitalist economies have been in a state of permanent turmoil. While inequality increased, the labour market situation of large groups of employees has become more unstable – and the Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the processes of adjustment in firms, supply chains and work. Automation will have a profound impact on these restructuring processes, as it opens up new possibilities for organisations and skills.


Against this background of organisational change, companies face a premium on innovation, as this allows them to access new markets. While being an innovation leader can offer significant benefits, often potential second-mover advantages are underplayed. Understanding markets and consumers, being able to rely on a solid brand and dealer networks, are crucial elements that offer established companies a chance to capitalise on their strengths and avoid the pitfalls that newcomers face. In some industries, radical models of innovation pay off, while in others, incremental forms of innovation that build on existing competencies of employees and suppliers offer equally lucrative possibilities.


The PEACS Academy module explores why not every company and country can excel in both types of innovation, what this means for strategic decisions and how to mobilise the right type of resources to maximise the fit between strategy and organisational environment.

Connection between people and artificial intelligence technology. Female hand and robot re...lue.jpg

Pricing & further information

The price per module and participant is €1,000 excl. VAT (and excl. travel & accommodation; the latter can be organised in the Academy venue through PEACS).


To guarantee a successful learning experience, we expect a minimum of 5 and maximum of 15 participants per module. Discounted rates for groups of 10 or more people are available on request.  Participation can be cancelled up to 3 weeks prior to the start of each module with full refund of the fees; later cancellations cannot be refunded.

Need more information?

Request the PEACS Academy 2021/22 brochure for more information about the module programmes, teaching style and study materials.

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