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Trade in the 21st century

The political economy of free trade, Brexit and the Single European Market


Online Academy

Dates: 15 Oct – 15 Nov 2021

Duration: 4 weeks with weekly half-day seminars

Time commitment: 3-6 hours per week

Location: Online through PEACS platform

On-site Academy

Dates: 14 Oct – 18 Feb 2022

Duration: 4 working days

Time commitment: 3-6 hours per day

Location: TBD, but located centrally in Europe and easily accessible by train, road and flight.

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Module overview

Before 2016, global free trade agreement negotiations between the EU, the USA, Canada, China and Japan dominated the world of trade. After the Brexit referendum in June of that year, regional trade relations between the EU and its neighbours, the UK and Switzerland, took the centre stage.


While many will start (and often end) with news headlines, very few command both the detail of the agreements and an understanding of the wider implicit political-economic context. In late spring of 2021, the tragicomedy of trade in British sausages dominated headlines everywhere, yet few captured the paradox of Brexit’s own ‘impossibility theorem’: trade requires rules and enforcement, and the logic of the Single European Market has imposed the paradigm for those rules. A smooth continuation of EU-UK trade would require, in effect, a parallel legal system that will, ultimately, simply have to copy the European Court of Justice’s, which sets the rules for trade in and with the Single Market. Sovereignty is impossible under those conditions.


The PEACS Academy module on Trade in the 21st Century explores this set-up, its origins and its legacies, and how it shapes the political, business and social choices of governments and interest groups. The PEACS Academy team boasts deep experience in cutting-edge research, advanced teaching and high-level policy experience – in the London School of Economics and other leading universities, the UK government and European organisations, and interest groups throughout Europe.

Picture of shopping cart carrying large parcels arrow going up developing export sales man...vid.jpg

Pricing & further information

The price per module and participant is €1,000 excl. VAT (and excl. travel & accommodation; the latter can be organised in the Academy venue through PEACS).


To guarantee a successful learning experience, we expect a minimum of 5 and maximum of 15 participants per module. Discounted rates for groups of 10 or more people are available on request.  Participation can be cancelled up to 3 weeks prior to the start of each module with full refund of the fees; later cancellations cannot be refunded.

Need more information?

Request the PEACS Academy 2021/22 brochure for more information about the module programmes, teaching style and study materials.

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